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Cyarumbo Women's Coffee


Light & Floral

Rwanda, Huye District.  

This special micro-lot was produced by 274 female farmers who own and grow coffee on small farms in the hills surrounding Cyarumbo washing station, in Rwanda’s Southern Province. We purchased this coffee through our import partners - MCM (Melbourne Coffee Merchants).

Blood Orange, Raspberry and Black Tea

Weight: 250g
Grind: Whole

Product information


Light & Floral


Blood orange, raspberry and black tea




Red Bourbon

274 strong willed women are changing the Rwandan coffee production game. With pride, we welcome the Cyarumbo Women’s Coffee.

These all female farmers own and grow coffee on small farms in the hills surrounding Cyarumbo Washing Station, in Rwanda’s Southern Province and are members of six of the twenty-two collectives that fall under the Abizerwa Women’s Group umbrella.

To ensure that their coffee is distinguished and processed separately, the women from the collective deliver the cherry to the washing station certain days of the week. This tactic not only secures a higher price for them to support their families but also creates a powerful precedent and incentivises others to work together towards achieving high quality standards, translating in a more complex and clean cup of coffee.

The Cyarumbo Women’s Coffee is a living testament that working united is a better alternative of delivering excellent results.