Valdir José Ferreira


Caconde, Brazil
Bright & Juicy: Nougat & Strawberry

Weight: 250g
Grind: Whole

Coffee Varietal: Arara
Harvest Year:
April 2023
Coffee Process: Natural

Valdir José Ferreira spent the holidays at his grandpareents coffee farm in Caconde, within the state of São Paulo. It was a happy place for Valdir, playing in the coffee fields with endless room to roam and explore.

Years later, Valdir now owns his grandparents farm, and is married to Daniela - Valdir’s nextdoor neighbour. The new parents of two have named their farm, ‘Joaninha’, after a native beatle thats found foraging amoung coffee trees in the region. Despite the default impression of Brazil as being dominated by large, mechanized farms, still about half of the country’s coffee farmers are small, family-managed operations who process at home - like Valdir and Daniela’s.

Valdir & Daniela's coffee has a rich sweetness that reminds us of nougat, and a creamy strawberry finish.

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