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Learn to brew with the gear that suits you, and your coffee style.

For 'double espresso' sized baskets: we use 22g VSTs. GOLDEN RULE - Ratio of 1:2.25
You'll need: Coffee, Grinder, Scales, Tamper, Timer, Cup(s)
1. Grind out 21g of your favourite single lot coffee.
Distribute gently and evenly in the portafilter basket, and tamp down firmly.
2. Place your scales under drip tray, cups on top and hit 'tare'. Start the shot and the timer at the same time!  
3. Stop the scales and the timer when you see the scales hit about 48g. The remaining water will flow through and you should end up with ~55g of espresso at ~28 seconds.
If your coffee is tasting watery/grassy dose upwards 0.2g at a time until you reach the ideal brew ratio.  If your coffee is tasting bitter/'burnt'/tobaccoy dose downwards 0.2g at a time.  If the shot is coming out too fast or slow, adjust the grind size finer or courser respectively.  This can also be remedied by dosing 1g higher and lower and changing the yield accordingly (higher dose = less yield (at the same ratio as before though)).      

(Inverted Method, our favourite method)
1. Boil kettle. Grind 15g of coffee. Place filter in aeropress lid + set aside. Flip aeropress upside-down, extended to maximum capacity.
2. Pour 96º water to 1cm below top, Wait 2 minutes. Stir!
3. Screw lid onto aeropress and (with two hands) flip it onto your mug.
Extract coffee into the mug by pressing with a moderate pressure until you hear air escaping, the pressing process should take 20-30seconds, depending on grind size.

Ratio of 1:15
Recommended for single origin only.  Save your blends for an easier method.  
1. Set up v60 dripper and carafe on a set of scales (ideally ones with a built-in timer, although not essential).
2. Boil a kettle and let it rest for 2-3mins, this will bring your water temp down to 90-92º.  If the water is freshly boiled you will lose the intricate flavours that make v60 so delicious.  
3. Pre-wet the filter paper with the hot water (you can do this before you let the kettle rest). Grind 20g of coffee on a medium course grind (ground peppercorn consistency) and settle flat.  Your total brew will be 300g of water.  From 0 seconds pour 60g of water every 30 seconds until you reach 300g.  Your final pour should be around the 2:30 mark.  Each time you pour again, majority of the water from the previous pour should be in the carafe already.  This is your guide for adjusting the grind setting.
4. Wait for last drops to pass through. Discard coffee and filter. Swirl, Serve, Enjoy!

1. Boil kettle. Grind 30g coffee on coarse setting. Pour 500g water into carafe. Wait 4 minutes.
2. With large spoon, break crust of coffee formed on top with a few strong stirs. Wait another minute.
3. Place plunger top on carafe and push downwards gently and slowly. Immediately decant into new vessel and enjoy!  

Recommended for Moonwalker / House Blend only
1. Unscrew the three sections. Bottom: fill 3/4 with cold water and place on high heat.
Middle: keep aside, fill with fine-ish coffee packed down gently. Keep the top aside too for now.
2. Once water is boiling, switch off heat for a sec. Use a cloth to protect your hand while supporting the base, pop the coffee middle in and screw on top section.
3. Return unit to a low heat, coffee should soon start gently flowing out of the top. Remove from heat as soon as it begins to sputter. Enjoy!

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