Celebrating Colombia

Here at Mecca Coffee, Colombian coffee makes up for almost 40% of our coffee selections. Whether for our blends or showcasing single origins as part of Producers Series, you can only imagine how many tonnes of Colombian coffees have been roasted on the mighty Probat.

Nestled within the mountainous topography of the Andes' northern extensions, Colombia's coffee regions of Huila, Cauca, Nariño, and Tolima are renowned for producing exceptional coffee beans that have earned numerous Cup of Excellence awards. These regions benefit from unique micro-climates that allow for two harvests each year, ensuring a continuous supply of high-quality beans. Collaborating with our coffee partners Azahar Coffee and Caravela, who prioritise sustainable sourcing and strong community relationships, Mecca Coffee brings the rich, diverse flavours of Colombian coffee straight to your cup. 

The Diverse Coffee Regions of Colombia

Huila: A Coffee Lover's Paradise 

Huila stands out as a true paradise for coffee lovers. Nestled in the heart of Colombia, this region is famed for its rich volcanic soil and ideal growing conditions. These factors contribute to the unique flavours and aromas that Huila's coffee beans are known for. Coffee from Huila is often characterised by its bright acidity, complex fruity notes, and smooth, balanced finish. 

This region has garnered numerous accolades, with several farms earning the prestigious Cup of Excellence awards.  

Cauca: Rich Flavours and Traditions 

Cauca is a region steeped in rich flavours and deep-rooted coffee traditions. Located in the southwestern part of Colombia, this area benefits from high altitudes and a temperate climate, ideal for growing specialty coffee. The beans from Cauca are celebrated for their rich, full-bodied profiles, often featuring notes of caramel, chocolate, and tropical fruits. 

Farmers in Cauca have cultivated coffee for generations, passing down knowledge and practices that enhance the quality of their beans. 

Nariño and Tolima: Hidden Gems 

Nariño and Tolima are often considered hidden gems in Colombia's coffee landscape. Nestled high in the Andes, these regions boast unique growing conditions that produce some of the country's most distinctive and sought-after coffee beans. Nariño's high altitude and rich volcanic soil result in beans with bright acidity, complex flavours, and floral aromas. Tolima, on the other hand, offers a diverse range of micro-climates that yield beans with rich, sweet profiles and hints of citrus and chocolate.

Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series

Sustainable Sourcing at Mecca Coffee

Partnerships with Azahar and Caravela 

Our partnerships with Azahar and Caravela are fundamental to Mecca Coffee’s commitment to sustainable sourcing. Both of these exporters are pioneers in fostering ethical coffee production in Colombia. Azahar focuses on direct trade, ensuring farmers receive fair compensation for their hard work. By prioritising quality and transparency, they help elevate the entire supply chain, from the coffee grower to the end consumer. 

Caravela, meanwhile, emphasises community engagement and environmental stewardship. They work closely with smallholder farmers, offering education and resources to improve farming practices and yield higher-quality beans. This not only results in better coffee but also enhances the livelihoods of the farmers. 

Through these partnerships, Mecca Coffee ensures that the specialty coffee you enjoy is not only exceptional in taste but also supports sustainable and ethical practices. By bringing these responsibly sourced coffee beans online, we connect you with the rich, diverse flavours of Colombia while promoting a positive impact on the communities where our coffee is grown.

The Impact of Micro-Climates 

Micro-climates play a crucial role in the exceptional quality of Colombian coffee. These localised climate conditions are influenced by factors such as altitude, temperature, and rainfall, which vary significantly across Colombia's diverse topography. This variability allows for the cultivation of coffee beans with distinct flavour profiles, even within the same region. 

At Mecca Coffee, we leverage the unique advantages of these micro-climates to source beans that offer a wide range of taste experiences. For example, beans grown at higher altitudes tend to have brighter acidity and more complex flavours, while those from lower elevations may exhibit sweeter and more balanced profiles. 

Understanding the impact of micro-climates enables us to work closely with farmers and exporters to select the best beans from each harvest. By offering these specialty coffee beans online, we ensure that every cup delivers the nuanced flavours that are a hallmark of Colombian coffee, directly influenced by its diverse growing environments.

Double Harvests

Main and Fly Crops Colombia's unique climate allows for two annual coffee harvests, known as the Main Crop and the Fly Crop. The Main Crop runs from October to January, while the Fly Crop, a smaller secondary harvest, occurs around six months later, from April to July. This dual harvesting system ensures a continuous supply of fresh coffee beans throughout the year, a rarity in the coffee-growing world. The Main Crop typically yields a higher volume of beans, making it crucial for meeting demand. Meanwhile, the Fly Crop provides an opportunity to explore different micro-lots and unique flavour profiles that might emerge due to varying weather conditions and farming practices. By sourcing from both harvests, we maintain a diverse and dynamic inventory, ensuring that our customers always have access to the freshest and most exciting Colombian coffee beans.

Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series

Now Roasting... 

Decaf Rainbow: A New Favourite - Available Now 

Decaf Rainbow has quickly become a new favourite among our offerings at Mecca Coffee. This exceptional decaffeinated coffee stands out for its vibrant flavour profile, which rivals that of our caffeinated selections. Unlike many decafs that lose complexity during the decaffeination process, Decaf Rainbow maintains a rich, full-bodied taste with notes of chocolate, caramel, and subtle fruit undertones. By offering Decaf Rainbow, we provide our customers with a high-quality, specialty coffee experience without the caffeine. This makes it an ideal choice for those who love the rich flavours of Colombian coffee but prefer or need to limit their caffeine intake. Enjoy the best of Colombian decaf coffee beans online with Decaf Rainbow. 

Bernardo De Jesus Sanchez: Caturra Excellence - Available Now 

Bernardo De Jesus Sanchez is a name synonymous with excellence in the world of specialty coffee, particularly with his exceptional Caturra variety. At Mecca Coffee, we are proud to feature his beans, which offer a pure expression of the Caturra variety and the unique terroir of his farm. The first sip of Bernardo’s coffee reveals a clean, sweet, and complex profile—qualities that immediately impressed us.

Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series
Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series

Mecca Coffee Honour Roll

Whether it's for one of our blends or single origins from our Producers Series, Colombia has become a favourite origin not just with us but by many roasters and customers alike. Over the last 5 years we have showcased over 50 differerent producers from all over Colombia.

Below is our top five that made us stop in our tracks.

Jośe Hernan Salazar, Huila /  Pink Bourbon (2019 - 2024 January)

An all time favourite, we have showcasing Jośe's exquisite pink bourbon since 2019. 

Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series
Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series

Norbey Quimbayo, Huila / Tabi (November 2023)

The Tabi varietal is one special coffee: a cross between Typica, Bourbon and Timor varieties. One of its unique characteristics is that it combines coffee leaf rust resistance with the exceptional cup quality of Bourbon and Typica.  Hence, when we see this on offer it's hard to pass. Last November 2023, the coffee from Norbey Quimbayo, sold out too quick.

Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series
Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series

La Serrania Decaf, Huila / Castillo, Colombia, Caturra (2022 - 2024 February)

We previously featured La Serrania as our go-to decaf option. The beans are sourced from premium Colombian farms and undergo a meticulous decaffeination process that preserves their natural characteristics. This was the decaf that made us rethink the positioning of decaf.

Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series
Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series

Victor Barrera, Huila / Tabi (March 2020 + March 2023)

Victor's farm ‘Finca El Tesoro’ is located in the Huila region, one of the most iconic coffee-growing areas in Colombia. 3.5 hectares of land that he and his wife cultivate with the help of local workers. El Tesoro’s speciality: the Tabi variety.

Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series
Mecca Coffee Specialty Coffee Producer Series

Stella Buchelli, Nariño / Colombia (June 2019)

Stella Buchelli's small farm 'Cajabamba' sits high up in Consaca, Nariño where the soil is volcanic, the days are sunny and the winds are high. Her 100% Colombia variety coffee is pulped and fermented for 18 hours before being dried on her own modified roof for ten days - a method known as "Casa Elba". We have loved Stella's coffee in years before, and this crop may be the most expressive yet.

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