Jose Minero


Cajamarca, Peru
Bright & Juicy: Fig & Vanilla

Weight: 250g
Grind: Whole

Coffee Varietal: Bourbon
Harvest Year:
September 2023
Coffee Process: Washed

Jose Minero's coffee is our first release out of Peru in many years. We were introduced to Jose's coffee though our export partner Jose River.

Jose Minero's farm 'El Sangre Grado' is located in Jaén, Peru. This region lies on the world's largest mountain range - The Andes. The Andes runs through Huila and Narino in Colombia and proves to be an idyllic spot to produce high-end Arabica coffee.

This lot is 100% Bourbon, a variety we're familiar with and adore when grown in the right conditions - like this one from Jose Minero's farm.

This coffee has a silky mouthfeel and natural sweetness, in the cup you will find fig and vanilla.

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