Timemore Smart Electric Kettle (600ml)



- Fast - One of the fastest kettles you'll find. Boils in 2-3 minutes

- Gooseneck Water Flow - The patented spout and flow system ensures uninterrupted 90° flow so you can pour to perfection.

- Keeps warm - Turn on the kettle and press the warm button. Water will stay warm for up to an hour.

- Displays actual and desired temperatures on a dual screen

- Temp Control Touch Bar - The temperature is controlled with an intuitive digital slider. You can adjust the water temperature by sliding your finger right or left. Hold it down to directly boil.

- Pour-over coffee made easy : Excellent kettle for morning coffee and tea. With the slim spout, you get a beautiful pour with a slow stream. You can control where the hot water falls on your ground coffee, making it easier to get a balanced saturation. Master manual pour-over coffee at home like a barista.

Why we love it: 

Lirie (General Manager) - "The goose neck allows for so much more control. I've made coffee at home with a regular kettle recently and it makes for a much less developed cup" 

Product Description:

Timemore's Fish Smart electric pourover kettle is the ultimate specialty pour-over coffee maker. Using a patented design, this kettle has a 90 degree continuous flow and unmatched responsiveness (no delay start/stop).

It boils in just 3 minutes using high speed technology. In addition to the intuitive touch screen interface, the ergonomic design, quality build, and intelligent features of this kettle make it a smart and attractive addition to any kitchen.

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