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Dive into our Coffee Categories

We’ve crafted simple but effective guidelines to breakdown each of the 'flavour categories' we've assigned to our single origins repertoire: Light & Floral, Bright & Juicy, Wild & Funky and Rich & Comforting... 

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A Hire Perspective: Hospitality Recruitment 101

Your team is one of your biggest assets. Your livelihood is in their hands, and theirs in yours. You will be spending more of your life with them than you...

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Get to know FAF, our Brazilian Coffee Partner

We chat with Felipe Croce from FAF Coffee about hosting the Mecca team back in 2008, and how 14 years later the relationship has allowed us to bring some remarkable...

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Producer Story: Phil Lavers, Moonacres. NSW

Phil Lavers is somewhat of an iconoclast: a finance professional turned organic farmer, an outspoken environmentalist with a knack for blending science, economics and philosophy into his compelling observations about...

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Washed v Natural

If you're the type who likes to read everything on a label, you may well have seen terms like 'washed' or 'wet process' // 'natural' or 'dry process' written on...

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