Timemore Crystal Dripper Set




The crystal eye brewer features two levels in order to achieve the best brew you can.  

- INSULATING LEVEL:The top section is smooth, without any ribs - the filter stays attached to the wall, which keeps water inside, allowing the coffee to extract consistently even if pouring too fast. 

- BREWING LEVEL:We suggest brewing coffee within this section The area of the flume decreases gradually so as to control the flowing speed and prevent over-extraction.    

- Complete with dripper, a 600ml carafe and a small amount of filter papers so you can get brewing right away.  

Why we love it:

Kay (Despatch Co-ordinator) - "The B75 dripper is a great low budget (yet still good looking) alternative to some more serious brewers. Coming with the carafe makes this set even more affordable to start brewing at home."

Product Description:

The B75 dripper by Timemore is a flat-bottom brewer.  A flat bottom brewed offers a different and more complex flavour profile to the typical conical brewers, a flat bottom generally allows a faster drain and the less cone-shaped bed gives a more even extraction throughout the grinds.


Although the set comes with Hario style filter papers, we have found that Kalita 185 filter papers work perfectly too.  

Product information