Audiel Moreno


El Cedral, Honduras
Bright & Juicy: Pineapple & Honey

Weight: 250g
Grind: Whole

Coffee Varietal: Bourbon
Harvest Year:
April 2023
Coffee Process: Washed

The Moreno family has a legendary reputation in the town of Santa Barbara, Honduras. It all started with Daniel Moreno introducing coffee to the region when he purchased his first farm in 1963. This is our first time working with Audiel Moreno’s farm, which is perched on a rouged mountain in the village of El Cedral.

This lot is 100% Pacas variety. Pacas is a natural mutation of Bourbon from the Bourbon/Typica group mainly found in El Salvador and Honduras. Pacas is prized for its excellent cup quality when grown in the right environment, however, it is very susceptible to disease, making it riskier to grow.

Audiel's coffee has tropical acidity and honey sweetness in the cup.

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