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Mecca Drip Bags

Earlier in the year, our new partners at ACE Hotel Sydney approached us with a challenge: to provide an in-room coffee solution that guests could use to brew a top-notch coffee, without minimal equipment or fuss...

Enter, the Drip Bag! These egalitarian little paper devices first hit the Japanese market in the 1990’s, where they were widely embraced by an already pour-over-friendly coffee drinking culture. Similar story over in the USA; a patent was filed in 1994 for a ‘Single Cup Disposable Coffee Brewing Device’. Australia’s espresso-loving culture may have been a little slower to warm to it, but we felt confident that Australia’s globetrotting hotel guests could handle a filtered brew in 2022.

The caveat being of course, it had to taste good.

And that’s where our work began: testing, tasting and reviewing our blends through a range of different drip bags.

Eventually, we locked in a dose, grind and packing solution for our House Blend that yielded an ideal extraction: the experience landing somewhere between a long black and a filter brewed coffee; an ideal strength for drinking straight-up or, for those inclined, adding a little milk + sugar too.

The coffee is ground and measured into the bags, before being quickly flushed with nitrogen and sealed, preventing oxidisation. This process locks in all the precious volatile aromatics that usually disappear shortly after coffee is ground, and gives the Drip Bags a 6-month shelf life.

Dan and Paul took a few prototypes on vacation where they were positively received, confirming our hunch that they were ready to launch into the world!

One of the best parts? Purchase a ten-pack and enjoy a cafe quality cup of house blend for only $2.50 a cup.  Winner.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and look forward to seeing where you take your Drip Bags.


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