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Mecca Sttoke Cup & Drip Bags


A stylish and elevated set for those that has an eye for design. Rip into the day with Mecca Coffee drip bags. Pour your morning brew into your Mecca logo Sttoke Cup, you'll be sure that cup of joe will be kept warm for hours. 

What you'll get:

x 1 5 Pack Drip Bags - Rip, Drip, Sip

Rip. Drip. Sip. Our coffee drip bags are crafted to be taken anywhere and to be enjoyed anytime. Each bag contains a measured dose of nitrogen-flushed, roasted and ground Mecca House Blend coffee.

x 1 Stokke Cup - The Ultimate Durable Coffee Cup

Our Mecca branded Sttoke cup is limited in numbers. This is last chance to pick one up.

"Few mugs can rival the minimalism and premium feel of the STTOKE Ceramic Reusable Cup. Featuring a shatter-proof ceramic build, a spill-proof lid, and 3-6 hours of temperature retention, it’s a stunning pick for coffee lovers who want a travel mug that enhances the coffee experience."
- Sttoke

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