November 17, 2022

A spotlight on Nyeri County

Located around the foothills of Mt. Kenya, where the soils are as red and volcanic as they come. Boasting an ideal climate for growing coffee, Nyeri consistently offers some of the most exciting and jaw-dropping coffees we've seen as roasters.

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Coffee from Nyeri often embodies a 'winey' and deeply fruited flavour profile in the cup, with flavours like blackcurrant and port being common descriptors on a cupping sheet.

Despite Kenyan coffees fetching some of the highest global prices in the specialty market, issues have arisen locally in the last few years, with farmers struggling to sustain themselves off their harvests. The supply chain in Kenya is unique – coffee is taken to the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, where an auction is held once a week to international buyers. Depending on the year, demand can be formidable and coffee from beloved regions like Nyeri can sell for particularly high prices. Farmers don't see most of this income until much later in the year, which creates problems for their cash flow.

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